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Learn Without Fear

Children should be able to attend school without fear of psychological or physical punishment, gender-based violence and bullying from either teachers or their peer groups.  Plan launched its “Learn Without Fear” programme three years ago, targeting three of the most common and damaging forms of violence in schools: sexual violence, bullying and corporal punishment.  Engaging with governments to develop and implement laws on violence in schools; working with school leaders and teachers to create violence-free schools and promote alternative discipline methods to corporal punishment; and creating a global momentum for change has resulted in protecting some 485 million children from those primary abuses.  Everyone can help further these aims by sponsoring a child and supporting the campaign.

Count Every Child

In a well-regulated city such as Hong Kong, it is unimaginable to contemplate the difficulties faced by children who have fallen through the cracks because their birth has not been registered.  So much of the rights and privileges of citizenship in later life depends on being able to produce a birth certificate as proof of existence never minds as a bona fide resident.  Yet millions of children in developing countries lack that most basic document that establishes their legal identity, presenting huge challenges when they seek education, medical treatment or a job.  As proof of age and nationality, a birth certificate helps protect against child labour, child marriage and child trafficking.  Although all except two countries around the world have committed to ensuring universal birth registration, this has still not been achieved.  The campaign to count every child aims to change that and you can help through your sponsorship.