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The funds raised from the Hong Kong office will be directed to programmes in different countries to bring positive and lasting improvement in the quality of life of disadvantaged children and their communities. Examples of projects include:

Build a Dormitory for Children Together

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Because of poor transportation system, children living in remote areas of Ha Giang, Vietnam have to spend 2- 3 hours trekking along rugged terrains to get to school. Due to the potential danger, many children cannot but to give up on school. Your generous support, together with other donors, can help build a dormitory for children so they will not skip school. The dormitory will be furnished with equipment like beds and wardrobes, and a toilet system. 


Build a school for children in Cambodia

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In a primary school in Ratanakiri, Cambodia, 280 students have to share 5 small classrooms due to limited space and resources. Although they have already been split into morning and afternoon classes in order to solve the problem of overcrowding, with the increasing number of students enrolling into the school each year, the school will become even more crowded.

Your generous support, together with donations from other donors, can help build a new school for the students, enabling them to learn and grow in a safe and healthy environment. 

Provision of clean water and sanitation to children in Sri Lanka

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Clean water is a pre-requisite for healthy living. However in Monaragala, Sri Lanka, only 40% of the schools have access to water supplies, and the quality is questionable since they are not tested regularly. Another problem is the current hygiene situation, where only 20% of the schools have sanitary latrines, and even for those schools which do have the facilities available, the latrines are mostly worn out and not appropriate for girls to use. The overall condition of water and sanitation in schools discourages children (especially girls) to go to school.

In this project, Plan will build safe and sustainable water supplies, and educate the teaching staff in schools to implement water safety plans and proper maintenance of the water supply system. At the same time, we will periodically conduct educational campaigns and training sessions to teach children about the importance of water safety and proper personal hygiene.

Early Childhood Care and Development Programme (ECCD) in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, preschool education is not subsidised by the government, therefore, it is not common for Sri Lankan children receiving preschool education. Since preschool education is vital for children’s growth and development, Plan has introduced ECCD in Sri Lanka. Besides providing basic school facilities like tables and chairs, we offer trainings to teachers. They are encouraged to use puppets in teaching to attract children’s attention and enhance children’s learning interest.  

Using puppets in teaching is a way to draw children’s attention, which helps improve learning.  

Local mothers also learn about nutrition and ways to stimulate senses of their infants. The tools they used are often simple and affordable, but the result is remarkable.

We give nutritional advice to local mothers.

Sticking different patterns and pictures on the wall can help stimulate infant’s sight.

Meanwhile, we have to ensure girls in Sri Lanka receive proper education. Due to reasons like traditional customs and early marriages, Sri Lankan girls tend to drop out from schools. Even they can go to schools, their performances are not satisfactory. To keep girls in schools, we have implemented “Girl’s Education Programme”. Through organizing activities like coaching classes and life skill training for girls, they are encouraged to study harder and achieve better academic results. 

Girls are encouraged to study harder under “Girl’s Education Programme”.


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