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Please return the form by email to, or mail to Plan International Hong Kong Office, Room 201, Marina House, 68 Hing Man Street, Shau Kei Wan, Hong Kong.

 Celebrities supporting Plan's Child Sponsorship Programme

How Your Sponsored Children are Benefited?

Through Plan’s “Child Sponsorship Programme”, Plan is committed to supporting children through Child Centred Community Development programmes and using donation effectively. Your contribution is pooled with the sponsorships of other donors to implement lasting and sustainable development programmes in the community of your sponsored children so that the children, their families and their communities are benefited. The programmes mainly cover five aspects, namely health, habitat, education, livelihood and relationship building. All these contribute to improving their quality of life as a whole. Through this process, your sponsored children and their families are empowered to become self-reliant in future.

In 2015, Plan worked in over 85,000 communities and offered support to 1.4 million children.

 How donations reach sponsored children in various projects through 5 development areas

1.      Health: vaccination programmes; community health workers training; nutrition programme; building and equipping health clinics, etc.

2.      Education: teacher training; building schools and fitting classrooms; education for adult, etc.

3.      Habitat: building wells and latrines; housing improvements; training on project management for development goals, etc.

4.      Livelihood: providing credit facilities; grain production improvement; job skills training; microfinance services, etc.

5.      Relationship Building: facilitating communication between sponsors and sponsored children through Country Offices and at National Offices; translating letters; providing photos; sending newsletters, reports and cross-cultural information to sponsors, etc.

Eudel is Back to School and Smiles Again!

 Eudel is back to school and smiles again!

8 year-old Eudel lives in Zimbabwe, Africa. After Eudel’s father passed away, her mother became the breadwinner of her family. Eudel had to drop out of school as they could not afford the tuition. Due to lack of food, she was malnourished. With her sponsor’s support, Eudel’s mother has learned to produce and sell peanut butter to earn a living. Eudel has returned to school with her friends. Not only does she have access to clean water, but she also has balanced meals every day. Now that she is healthy, she can focus on just being a kid. She is happy and hopeful as she looks forward to a bright future.

By participating in Plan’s “Child Sponsorship Programme”, you can provide children with education, clean water and nutritious food just like Eudel. As their lives are improved, they can tap into their true potential and work towards their dreams.

Mary's Life Has Been Improved

Plan’s Child Sponsorship Programme focuses on education for children. When children are enabled to achieve their full potential, they will lift their families out of poverty and become self-reliant eventually.


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